Sports betting is one of the easier hobbies to get into. It can even start out to be fun and exciting when leading off with a winning streak.

Betting sports can easily fill the void for people we need action every day, and winning a close game in the closing seconds can create a feeling of euphoria.

For the ones who want to get more serious about betting sports, and treat it as a business, like I always say, you cannot do it long term without proper money management. So, first you must evaluate yourself and identify if you can really handle all the swings in betting sports. Second, I strongly recommend my unparalleled “Star” Betting System. It has earned me profits consistently over the last 40 years.

To begin with, you must have an adequate bankroll and NEVER overbet or chase losses. As Bill “Wise Kracks” emphasizes, “Understand your betting threshold and make sure its one that won’t get you rattled.”

One of the dangerous things I don’t like about sports betting for newbies is that its easy to be a closet gambler – it’s just you on an app or with a ticket writer. You can lose and for the most part, nobody knows about it. This can lead to over-betting your next bet because there is no one overseeing your wagers and human nature says that, “Try to recoup earlier losses”. This will not happen with my 6-step “Star” Betting System. It allows for all the ebbs and flows of a betting season and is all there for you to plainly see. It will relieve you of any angst and keep you level-headed. The goal is to be “in the game” for the loooong run. Come join me, the Professor, and start betting and WINNING like the pro’s do!