I know some of you have had the thrill of winning a last second bet and most of you can remember that one bad beat. Two extremes that pretty much all of you would prefer the former.

Cynthia Jay, a cocktail waitress who was engaged to be married Jan 26, 2000, hit the largest mega-bucks slot machine in Las Vegas history. With one magical pull she won $35 million.

She and her soon-to-be husband could pursue every dream they ever had. A life of luxury, houses, cars and travel. Life couldn’t get any better for them they thought.

But just 45 days later, while parked at a stoplight, Cynthia and her sister were smashed head on by a drunk driver. Her sister was killed and Cynthia was paralyzed from the waist down. The driver had 16 previous DUI arrests, unbelievable that he was still allowed a drivers license. I don’t think you’ll find a story anywhere that better magnifies the old adage – right place, right time, and wrong place, wrong time – more than this one.

So, this Thanksgiving be thankful for what you have and hopefully you’re blessed to be in the presence of family and loved ones. Because, in the end that is the right place at the right time that matters most! Happy Thanksgiving.