Since when did NFL officials decide they were the most important men on the football field? Good God they are ruining the game! It used to be you’d get the occasional hankie for a FLAGRANT violation. But today there are too many penalties called – a lot of them several seconds after the so-called violation – so that fans have become conditioned to holding their breath after every excruciating play. We just wait to see that yellow graphic at the bottom of the screen that reads, “FLAG!

The violation is followed by three or four replays from every angle to review whether the call stands, is reversed or confirmed – which gives these old out-of-shape officials something to show how competent they are – NOT!

These protests are successful less than (<) half the time and when they are not, the TV announcers debate the idiocy of it all. But, will usually conclude with a statement even more idiotic like: “Great call!” Players make great plays, referees don’t make great calls.

Meanwhile, this all takes so long that the network cuts to the 14th Aaron Rodgers State Farm or Flo the Maid Progressive commercial that we’ve become so sick and tired of, that we will never do business with either them again.

Five or so years ago, there was no need to have a retired official in the booth to for his “expert” opinion. This is a guy who couldn’t get it right when he was on the field in the first place. Only to hear his say “Mike, I don’t think there was enough o overturn the call.” Then the former player, who has taken too many shots to the head say, “Dean, I see your point, thats why you were the head referee at four Super Bowls.”

When these officials go to the sidelines and man the headphones it makes me wonder why am I watching this nonsense instead of doing something else; then I realize I have a big vested interest on the result. Now who has taken too many hits to the head. Until next time, stay lucky!