It used to be when a game was scheduled for 1 pm you tuned in at 1 pm and there it was. No pre-game showbiz panel of has been players and coaches shouting and giggling. No non ending looks at vicious hits and spectacular catches were needed. After all you were already tuned in to see a football game featuring the best players on the planet.

It is possible of course to tune out all the Hollywood showbiz lead up to today’s game. But we can’t escape the theatrics blend in and continue with the antics of today’s players.

After almost every play we are treated to some self-absorbed player doing a dance or chest pounding because he made a play that he is getting over payed for and suppose to make.

What a treat to see a player losing by 30 points finally sack a QB and do a dance. We saw you buddy and that same QB who made you look inept for most of the game.

Flag after flag is now part of the show and certainly on nearly every pass play. Plus let’s not forget those “Jeopardy” booth reviews.

There’s approximately 13 minutes of actual action in a game. The line between those 13 minutes and the unnecessary added nonsense is blurred by the geniuses who inherited the once proud NFL brand. I don’t look for changes any time soon to bring back the old league, since this year’s rating were the highest in the the NFL’s history. But that was due more to legal gambling (still can’t believe that) than the product itself. Well I guess that’s entertainment!