The first Super Bowl was played Jan 15, 1967 in the LA Memorial Coliseum between the Packers and Chiefs. The NFL and newer AFL weren’t yet merged. The two leagues and especially these two teams genuinely disliked each other.

The Chiefs, owned by the Lamar Hunt Family, were the first team to pay their players what was then exorbitant salaries. By today’s going rates they were still grossly underpaid. The NFL mantra was “the Hunt family bought their team” whatever that meant. The Packers were publicly owned by the city of Green Bay and still are.

The underlying atmosphere behind Super Bowl 1 was a promoter’s dream. The tickets were $12 and the winning team got $15,000 and the loser $7500. Vince Lombardi’s Packers cam through with a convincing 35-10 win. Today the trophy is aimed in Lombardi’s honor.

Today’s kids won’t know a sports world that was a lot simpler, easier to watch and participate in with less showbiz and showboating. Soon if not already embedded in our kids vision is the way the game is played today. It wasn’t so long ago when the players were humble when making great plays under much worse playing conditions and rules. But like I say, times change, change with them or get out of the way! Enjoy the Super Bowl, bet with your head not over it.