Your most important asset when betting sports or any gambling adventure is your Bankroll – Your 401(g) for gambling!

You must learn to understand the value of mastering this, not only when gambling but for life in general. The Professor says, “Show me a gambler who can manage his money, and I’ll show you a successful man, in whatever his business may be.”

Here, I will teach you my most unique and successful “Star” Betting and Money Management Methods. You will learn to bet and manage your bankroll just like the pro’s do and you will be able to endure the many ups and downs throughout a betting season. I will show you the correct and sensible way for you to ride these ebbs and flows into becoming a winner!

For those of you who might not have a bankroll yet, you can start this account by taking 5% of your weekly or bi weekly check and depositing it until you reach the magic number you have set for your starting bank roll. Now, if you already have a nice chunk of money, then put it into the account and use it for your starting bankroll.

You will come to understand that by sticking with this method it would take an inordinate amount of bad luck for you to lose your entire bankroll. One of the main reasons I find for this is, the Professor will NEVER just “take a shot” or chase a losing bet.

His over 40 years of experience says, you must have patience, perseverance, discipline and maturity to accept that today’s bankroll is a continuance of yesterday’s bankroll and that tomorrow’s bankroll is an extension of today’s bankroll, and so on. Put simply, there will be good days and you must accept the fact that there will be bad ones as well.

So, let me show you how to “Gamble for Keeps” and to respect your money. This Money Management and Betting System is unparalleled. Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to learn the proper foundation toward success or one who needs to break bad habits, Let the professor teach you the right way.

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