The Professor has been involved in gambling for 46 years. He has been on both sides of the fence, “Laying” and “Playing” sports and various casino games all over the country. In his later years he has become exclusively a “Player.” He knows all the trends and how to read the Line Movements (Game Spreads) to gain an advantage. He has said many times, “Fans bet teams, pro’s bet numbers”. He fully understands the importance of money management, and actually rates this as the #1 key towards success. It also allows him to always give his “Gambling money a gambling chance”. He has the ear of various trainers, locker room guys, and team physicians. In short, he has many intangibles that will produce winners and “Get the Money”.

So, if you are going to gamble, even if its casually, why not learn the right way and “Play for keeps”. Let the Professor “Turn your dimes into dollars”!

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