The selections I give you are the same ones I bet myself. I will include the line (game spread) that I am using and the one you must get down (bet) at. In addition to the value of the bets created by the “Star” System, they also show the strength I feel about a certain game. I rate them the following way:

1000 “Star” Play: This is my highest rated pick. You won’t see many of them throughout the course of a season. But I consider them a lock! Over the years, I have hit on these plays around 80% of the time.

500 – 750 “Star” Play: These are usually my highest rated weekly plays and should produce close to 60% winners.

100 – 400 “Star” Play: These are my lowest rated plays. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good plays, they are simply not rated as high as others.

Note: to fully understand and maximize this betting system, go to my “Star” System. The professor will be available via email to answer any questions and to ensure your satisfaction.